Enterprise Asset Management, Part 3 – System of Insights – Supporting Better Decision Making

October 26, 2017

An Enterprise Asset Management system is made up of three core components: a system of record, a system of engagement and a system of insight.  This webinar will build on the concepts introduced in the previous two webinars and will demonstrate how to make sense of the numerous streams of data gathered by your organization.

Organizations need timely and accurate insights into the trends and patterns of their operations.  A system of insight allows more people to share and understand complex data and ideas.  It is decentralized and encourages inter-departmental interactions, leveraging information coming from inside and outside your organization. Users can combine various types of data and create something new or explain how something may have occurred. 

There are many benefits to creating a system of insight such as maximizing the lifespan of an asset, knowing when and how to deliver appropriate preventative maintenance, identifying trends and patterns, to name a few.  Any organization that manages infrastructure and assets can benefit from new tools of operations to predict and plan for both the short and long term.

Learn how Esri’s ArcGIS platform can help your organization better understand your operations and assets in real time, enabling you to be more prepared, aware and responsive. Explore new and enhanced capabilities for mapping and analytics such as Insights for ArcGIS and Cityworks Insights.


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