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Give the gift of ArcGIS skills in 2020!

As the year end approaches, we’ve wrapped training courses in bundles to help you easily offer the best gift your team members could get: the latest ArcGIS skills. Our new training course bundles—the ArcGIS Foundational Course Bundle and the ArcGIS Spatial Analysis Course Bundle—are the perfect presents to fast forward your organization’s success in 2020 and beyond.

With the release of ArcGIS Pro a few years ago, new training solutions were developed primarily to support experienced users during their migration process. But did you know we now offer training solutions for those who are just getting started with ArcGIS and for experienced users wishing to go beyond the migration process? Let’s take a peek at the new training course bundles!

Deliver results quickly with the ArcGIS Foundational Course Bundle

This bundle includes:

Whether your team members have zero, one or many years of ArcGIS experience, this training course bundle will help them be productive with the platform quickly. Enable your new team members with maps, apps and ArcGIS Pro to help your organization build location intelligence (the capacity to derive meaningful insights from geospatial data), and help experienced users transition existing workflows into ArcGIS Pro efficiently to leverage the latest capabilities of the platform. New users will learn important GIS concepts via web maps and web apps before diving into the essentials of ArcGIS Pro, where they will get familiar with common GIS workflows. Using ArcGIS Pro, experienced users will learn techniques for completing familiar manipulations in the new environment, while learning how to efficiently do their work using Esri best practices.


Unlock actionable insights from data with the ArcGIS Spatial Analysis Course Bundle

This bundle includes:

Traditionally, GIS users looked at what and why something has happened but not so much into what will happen/what we should expect and what action we should take going forward. With the Spatial Analysis Course Bundle, you could transform your data into actionable information! Provide your team with the knowledge they need to identify the next best location for your business, understand patterns of change over time and determine where infrastructure investment will pay off the most. Additionally, this bundle will provide them with the skills to automate repeatable processes to save time and effort, allowing them to focus on other priorities.

To enhance your gift with bows and ribbons, consider purchasing a prepaid training package to secure your team’s training budget. The more prepaid training days you purchase, the more you save! The built-in discount could help your organization increase the value of its annual training investment. For details and pricing, read my recent blog post Prepaid Training Days: The solution to save time and money!.

If you have any questions about these training course bundles or need help choosing the best training solution for your team, leave a comment below or contact us at

We look forward to helping you make 2020 a successful year!

About the Author

Carole Arseneau is a Sales Representative at Esri Canada. She advises customers from all industries on how to use GIS technology to be more efficient in their daily workflows. Carole holds a GIS certificate from Florida State College in Jacksonville and a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology from Laval University in Québec City. Being by the water has always made her feel at home and has given her inspiration to keep a positive outlook in life.

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