Elgin County Vineyard Site Suitability

November 9, 2016

Month: July, 2015
Organization: Geospatial Niagara
Industry: Natural Resources
Products: ArcGIS Desktop

This map was created as part of a 10-month thesis project at Niagara College in the GIS - Geospatial Management program. The project was facilitated by Geospatial Niagara, a non-profit organization that promotes geo-literacy in the Niagara community.  The layer depicted in the map was created from a raster calculation using the following nine variables (and influence levels): soil drainage (27%), soil pH (2%), slope (24%), aspect (22%), land use (10%), topographic depression areas (3%), depth to groundwater (3%), depth to static groundwater (3%) and depth to bedrock (4%).

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