Active Transportation and Air Pollution: Healthy Commute & Playground Use at Calgary Schools

December 14, 2018 Anneliese Sanghara

Month: September 2019
Organization: Alberta Health Services
Products: ArcGIS Desktop 10.5, Adobe Illustrator

This map shows an exploratory, descriptive spatial analysis that investigates the location of schools in relation to air pollution and active transportation. Air quality is evaluated using the air quality health index, a composite index based on nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter and ozone. This analysis identifies schools according to two levels of concern: schools in car-dependent locations with relatively high pollution, and schools in locations conducive to active transportation yet exposed to relatively high pollution.

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Anneliese Sanghara

Anneliese Sanghara is a Marketing Communications Coordinator with Esri Canada. As part of this role, she reviews and develops content for the company’s various marketing channels and provides support for several communications programs. Along with her Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, Anneliese attained a Master of Professional Communication from Ryerson University. Her many teachers and mentors sparked her passion for strategy, writing and design. In her spare time, Anneliese enjoys exploring the city, honing her culinary skills and volunteering.

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