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What is the Community Cadastral Map of Canada? An online national cadastral map that provides a single view of property rights, assessed values and land use across the country. This map serves as a standardized gateway into Canada's authoritative federal, provincial and municipal cadastral information systems and provides centralized access to critical land and property attributes. What data does the map include? • Parcel boundaries • Identifiers for registered title, assessment, survey and zoning parcels • Direct access to additional data from the systems of participating jurisdictions How is the map administered? • The Community Cadastral Map of Canada is based on the Community Map of Canada – a single, standardized, national topographic and imagery map aggregated from hundreds of federal, provincial and municipal sources. The Community Map of Canada currently serves more than 200 million map requests per month from users in government, the private sector and academia. • The GeoFoundation Exchange is a network of partners and technology that automates the collection and aggregation of topographic and cadastral data from multiple providers, ensuring that the national map is always current. How is the map accessed? Through the Community Cadastral Map of Canada Portal at Everyday, thousands of organizations in multiple industries across Canada use authoritative cadastral data in their operations. Canada's land management system is the foundation of our economy and society, and is maintained by land title organizations, assessment authorities, municipal governments and surveyors. However, this cadastral information resides in many systems spread over 10 provinces, three territories, the federal government and thousands of municipalities. There is no single, consistent way to access and analyze this essential information, resulting in major inefficiencies and low productivity.

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