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Overview With an Enterprise GIS deployment, performance, reliability and uptime are all dependent on a broad set of interconnected systems. Esri Canada offers expertise and powerful tools to monitor the health of every part of your GIS infrastructure. We work with you to implement or upgrade your monitoring solution and configure it to collect key metrics. These metrics are displayed via configurable reports and charts, as well as comprehensive system health spreadsheets. We assist you in analyzing the collected information, providing recommendations and creating an action plan. By taking a proactive approach in assessing the health of your GIS, you will be able to take the necessary steps to improve performance, reduce downtime and enhance the reliability of your system. Key Deliverables • An on-site three-day workshop with an Esri Canada Consultant who will install and configure System Monitor 3.0 • The Consultant will work with your designated GIS system administrator during the setup to transfer knowledge through hands-on training • As a follow-up remote engagement, Esri Canada will work with you to interpret data points once System Monitor has accumulated a significant database of metrics. These data points will form the basis of a set of recommendations for your organization to identify: • A standard Enterprise GIS Health Check report that summarizes findings and outlines recommendations • A follow-up meeting with key individuals within your organization to discuss the report findings and determine next steps Key Benefits • Improved performance and reliability of your GIS • Immediate alerts and insights to issues • Analysis of discovered issues by certified personnel • Ongoing monitoring and alerts allow for continued review and reporting of utilization and service levels • Professional installation and configuration of System Monitor 3.0 Professional Services Enterprise GIS Health Check SERVICES AUDIENCE This service is designed for organizations that have made an investment in the ArcGIS platform – either on premises or in the cloud –and require insight into the utilization and performance of their GIS infrastructure. – Under- and over-provisioning of computing infrastructure – Periodic system events that disrupt GIS operations – Key steps to improve performance and reliability – Key performance metrics to monitor on an ongoing basis

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