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Overview This quickstart package will help you use Geocortex Essentials to implement Web mapping applications quickly and profi ciently. Esri Canada's experience confi guring Geocortex Essentials, complemented by our knowledge of best practices, will help maximize your use of this powerful Web mapping technology. This Package Includes: Up to six days of on-site and/or remote support to start building Web applications with Geocortex Essentials. Support activities can include the following and will be prioritized according to customer needs: • A high-level, organizational assessment focused on Web mapping • Install Geocortex Essentials and the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 • Create a Geocortex site and pilot Web mapping application using the Geocortex Viewer for HTML5 • Confi gure map layer attributes • Confi gure selection behaviour • Confi gure feature pop-ups • Confi gure geocoding services using a published geocoding service • Confi gure custom searches in Workfl ow Designer • Confi gure feature hyperlinks • Create data connections using OLEDB and related data links • Create map report templates in Report Designer • Set up Instant Search for the Global Search • Walk-through of the application confi guration with knowledge transfer Please contact your local Esri Canada offi ce for more information on additional services including: • System health check and system architecture • ArcGIS for Server software installation • Setup and confi guration of ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS • Implementation of fully functional, production-level Web applications Key Benefi ts • Begin working with Geocortex Essentials quickly and confi dently • Build a strong foundation to implement fully functional Web mapping applications for internal and external users • Ensure your GIS Web specialist is equipped with the skills they need to effectively use Geocortex Essentials • Leverage Esri Canada's experience, knowledge and best practices • Maximize your investment in Esri and Geocortex technology Quickstart Services Package Geocortex Essentials SERVICES AUDIENCE This quickstart package is designed for GIS Web specialists in organizations that have recently purchased Geocortex Essentials and want to begin building Web applications quickly and effi ciently.

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