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GeoSketch Looking to achieve greater insights into property and buildings that traditional assessment techniques can't deliver? Build and edit building sketches directly in a GIS environment with GeoSketch—a geospatial geometry editing environment within Assessment Analyst ® that enables users to sketch and edit buildings and other structures directly on a map. Why Use GeoSketch? • Avoid recreating existing georeferenced sketch layer • Detect changes to sketches from orthoimagery basemaps and resolve them quickly • Sketch homes, buildings and outbuildings more efficiently with multi-floor editing capabilities • Join, subtract or split improvement areas with one click • Easy-to-use grid editing • Share your layer between different departments or levels of government using the ArcGIS platform • Avoid duplication of effort or redundant work by editing live inside a GIS Benefits • Identify property value increases by identifying new construction and other property data anomalies quickly and easily • Eliminate duplication of effort by directly creating and editing sketches over orthoimagery • Streamline your reassessment program by georeferencing a sketch inventory once as opposed to every reassessment cycle • Improve collaboration by easily sharing sketch layers within or outside of your organization through web maps and apps Application ArcGIS Platform Through sketch verification by GeoSketch, building sketches can be compared with aerial photography to check for anomalies and spot new construction or other changes that could be constructed without a permit. GeoSketch allows you to work in a geospatial editing environment that is tightly integrated with the Assessment Analyst system to give you comprehensive insights into property changes that have occurred over time. Assessment Analyst GeoSketch Extension ®

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