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Assessment Analyst 3D Are 2D maps only giving you part of the picture when assessing stacked properties? View a complete, realistic picture of buildings using Assessment Analyst 3D - the world's first geospatial 3D assessment analysis solution. Assessment Analyst 3D integrates 3D visualization and spatial analysis into property assessment workflows, helping assessors increase the accuracy of valuations and discover missing or incorrect property data. Why Use Assessment Analyst 3D? • Generate physically and spatially accurate 3D condominium parcels • Convert paper plans to digital or import digital-to-digital records into the 3D scene • Visualize and symbolize property data in 3D, including sales, listings, assessed value, ASR and characteristic adjustment information • Analyze relevant 3D data such as sightlines, view sheds and daily sunlight/ shadow exposure on a unit-by-unit basis and determine their impact on value • Precisely build a 3D city model using parcels data combined with building data to conduct mass valuations efficiently and visualize the output Benefits • Optimize property tax revenues by revealing data trends, patterns, anomalies and errors not visible in 2D • Produce more accurate assessments by accurately and precisely representing 3D parcels naturally, such as air space, density and condominium parcels • Achieve a greater understanding of property values by visualizing generated factors in 3D (e.g. direction of view, percentage of view obstructed and traffic noise) Assessment Analyst 3D ArcGIS Platform With Assessment Analyst 3D, you can visualize how factors such as obstructions to building views and the amount of sunlight affect property values. 3D visualization also allows you to analyze individual units by rent costs, vacancy and square footage. ® Photo Credit: Maui County, HI Photo Credit: Pinellas County, FL Photo Credit: Vancouver, BC 3D

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