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Integrated Sketch Tracking & Analytics Oblique Imagery Streetfront Imagery CAMA Data Georeferenced Change Detection Assessment Analyst ® Is subjectivity the greatest factor at play in your valuations? Introduce greater science to your property assessments with Assessment Analyst, a powerful data creation, data maintenance and data analytics application that integrates building sketches, imagery, data and analytics built on Esri's ArcGIS platform. It fully integrates GIS with CAMA, providing you with a single platform to perform a wide variety of activities without the need to transfer data between systems, subsystems or viewers. Assessment Analyst offers the most tightly integrated assessment data environment on the market so that you can not only visualize but also correct a vast array of data simultaneously and efficiently. Why Use Assessment Analyst? • Perform CAMA data validation checks • Combine multiple sources of imagery into a single interface • Optimize project management by assigning and reassigning work on the fly • Track progress, daily production and estimated value change • Create property review reports in web, PDF and Excel formats • Create, maintain and resolve data issues using one complete solution • Extensions include GeoSketch and Mobile Benefits • Save time and money by reducing field visits and working from your desktop • Create defendable assessments underpinned by well-organized, accurate data • Ensure compliance with IAAO reassessment standards • Increase tax revenues by discovering missing property value Panoramic Imagery Assessment Analyst Assessment Analyst ArcGIS Platform ®

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