ArcGIS Online for the K-12 classroom

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What is ArcGIS Online? ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based mapping platform that allows students to collaborate in creating, editing and sharing interactive maps. It offers a wealth of ready-to-use resources such as basemaps and data that integrate maps, text and multimedia to analyze spatial data and tell a story. ArcGIS Online can be used immediately in the classroom with no software installation required. Students can form groups to create and share content in a secure, online environment. For your convenience, Esri Canada offers a variety of ready- to-use lessons centred around a range of K-12 curriculum themes that guide your students through every step of the discovery process using ArcGIS Online. Why should I use it in my classroom? ArcGIS Online provides an easy yet effective way to bring spatial literacy and geographic inquiry into the K-12 classroom. It creates a collaborative and engaging environment that encourages students to visualize, analyze and understand geographic patterns and processes. Through the creation and use of maps, students develop higher order thinking skills that are essential to addressing environmental, social and economic issues in the 21st century workplace. ArcGIS Online is highly intuitive and simple to use. It does not require extensive training and can be accessed via secure login from any Internet device, allowing students access to GIS technology in the classroom, at home and outside for field work. With data hosted in the cloud and access to ready-to-use GIS lessons, you can bring this innovative technology into your classroom almost immediately with no additional software required. ArcGIS Online for the K-12 Classroom Bring your teaching to life with online mapping & analysis Getting started is easy Get up and running with ArcGIS Online in your classroom in just a few simple steps: 1. Request access for you and your students by filling out the form at 2. Take a tour of ArcGIS Online and learn how to use, create and share maps, apps and data: 3. Visit to find an interactive and engaging lesson that connects with your curriculum. The Esri Canada Education and Research Group can also build customized lesson packs that meet your needs. 4. Sign into and get started creating maps and apps in your classroom.

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