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C i t y w o r k s S e r v e r P L L Permits • Licensing • Land Cityworks ® Server PLL (Permits, Licensing, and Land) is a GIS-centric community development so ware product that enables agencies to track permits, planning and development applica ons, engineering construc on processes, business licenses, code enforcement cases, and land development work from ini a on to closure. The built-in workflow engine efficiently tracks tasks, beginning with the ini al applica on or customer call through the complete process of departmental plan reviews, issuance, fees, inspec ons, planning commission mee ngs, abatement, hearings, applica ons, renewals, and more. Cityworks Server PLL streamlines and automates common work processes: 1. Applica ons 2. Plan reviews 3. Fee calcula ons and payments 4. Tasks and workflow 5. Inspec ons 6. Management tracking and signoffs 7. Repor ng 8. Mobile workforce Cityworks Server PLL is fully integrated with Cityworks Server AMS (Asset Management Solu on), so its GIS parcel data, permit, license, and other land data can be viewed in the same applica on environment as the GIS asset data, work orders, inspec ons, and service requests. Developed in Microso .NET and Esri's leading ArcGIS Server technologies, the GIS-centric server- and browser-based design helps an en re organiza on achieve higher levels of opera onal efficiency. Cityworks is the proven and genuine GIS-centric management system, validated by its Esri Pla num Tier Partnership designa on and Na onal Associa on of GIS-Centric Solu on (NAGCS) cer fica on. Uniquely designed to empower your GIS data without costly duplica on of data, risky synchroniza on, or complex integra on, Cityworks delivers a sensible and cost- effec ve GIS-centric management suite. Cityworks ® is the registered trademark of Azteca Systems, Inc. Other product or company names men oned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respec ve owners.

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