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G I S E m p o w e r e d b y C i t y w o r k s ™ Cityworks is a powerful, flexible and affordable solu on designed for local governments, public works, u li es and other organiza ons to manage assets, and maintenance, and to complete all aspects of permits and licensing processes. Built exclusively on Esri's leading GIS technology with the innova ve concept of using the geodatabase as the asset repository, Cityworks allows organiza ons the unique ability to leverage their investment in GIS. U s e s Cityworks is Empowering GIS for asset management, permi ng, and licensing, and more. It enables organiza ons to care for their cri cal infrastructure, capital assets, and property in an easy-to-use, cost-effec ve manner. Because it is completely configurable, Cityworks can manage anything that can be modelled in a geodatabase. More than 600 agencies around the world u lize Cityworks to manage water, wastewater, electric, gas, streets, signs, parks, vegeta on, facili es, fleet and much more. Cityworks is also deployed enterprise-wide to include airports, marinas, zoos and botanical gardens, IT and customer service. In addi on, planning, building and bylaw enforcement staff use Cityworks to manage permi ng, licensing and land-related issues. G I S - c e n t r i c B e n e f i t s Cityworks is cross-compa ble, suppor ng all types of users—enterprise Web-based and mobile devices—all at the same me. The Cityworks open and accessible database requires no special interface, synchroniza on or data replica on. Cityworks is an open system that allows integra on with other business systems such as Finance, HR, SCADA, etc. The combina on of Cityworks and ArcGIS allows organiza ons to monitor and measure key performance indicators, levels of service and asset condi ons through the use of dashboards and reports. C i t y w o r k s S o l u t i o n Cityworks offers a robust collec on of GIS-centric applica ons. By providing current data through its unique map views, Cityworks enables field crews, management and other staff to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. Cityworks allows an organiza on to manage issues, maintain assets to their op mal lifespan, engage with ci zens and facilitate be er internal workflows. Founded in 1986, Azteca Systems, Inc. is an Esri Pla num Partner and the leading provider of GIS-centric management solu ons.

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