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Health Check Looking to reduce the amount of time you spend comparing CAMA and GIS data to determine where errors exist? • Leverage Health Check services offered with Assessment Analyst by Esri Canada to identify data discrepancies through hotspot analysis • Health Check offers various configurations to gauge physical and economic CAMA data quality using the power of GIS to provide increased visibility Why Use: • Reduce the workload associated with the constant maintenance required to ensure data accuracy • Fully utilize GIS to identify the source of data discrepancies • Minimal data required for quick implementation ® Benefits • Quickly visualize data inconsistencies and anomalies • Quickly visualize and identify areas with high or low ASR's in GIS, along with several other configurable data points – such as how assessed values changes from year to year • Better understand the extent of data errors and make informed decisions when allocating resources for corrections Additional Data Verification and Correction Services: Professional Services supporting IAAO Standards for Mass Appraisal are offered by Esri for physical and economic data verification and correction. Property Sketch Verification – Physical data analysis and correction services that use aerial photography to identify property sketch errors in CAMA. Georeferencing is also used to help ensure accurate property orientation and identify measurement errors and data discrepancies, such as view obstruction. Economic Data Review – Economic data analysis and correction services that use aerial imagery and LiDAR to visualize economic and physical value drivers. Identify data distribution and inconsistencies with hot spot visualization. Efficiently analyze economic data updates by comparing revised and original map layers.

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